BB4 Telugu: Comedian Avinash Wanted To Commit Suicide!

10 Oct, 2020 10:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Jabdarsth Avinash is one of the strong contestants in the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Not to mention, he is enthralling the show viewers with his antics since the time he entered the house.

In a recent episode, Avinash shared a heart touching incident which happened in his life during the lockdown period. Narrating this, he said, “I strongly believe in two things in my life, one is my parents and the other, the audiences. I’ll consider my friends also as a family, I can’t separate them. I’m 30 years old. I purchased a house and car because of audiences' support and constant love. I wouldn’t be here without my parents or audiences' support, I’m here because of you all. The audience brought me to this stage and I’m always indebted to them."

What he went on to disclose took everyone by surprise. "During lockdown time, I thought of committing suicide. I have to pay a monthly installment of Rs 43,000 for the house that I have recently bought. During the lockdown time, I couldn’t pay my bills. During the same period, my father suffered a heart attack and stents had to be placed in his heart to keep him safe. The cost was around Rs 4 lakhs. I had to pay for it from my savings which I kept aside for my house. I was drained out of cash reserves and borrowed of Rs 13 lakhs from others. I did this all for my parents. I want them to lead a healthy and happy life. I ask you all to respect your parents when they are alive. Try to help your friends or colleagues when they are in need especially in these kinds of situations," he said in an emotional tone.

Avinash has a decent fan following in Telugu states. They are heaping praises on him on social media. Some of them say Avinash is the best wild card contestant ever. A few people have already predicted that Avinash could be the winner of this season. So far, Avinash is definitely one of the contestants who are keeping the show alive and interesting. No wonder if he makes to the top 5 of the show eventually this seaon with his sponteneous comedy acts and unadulterated wit. 

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