Dethadi Harika Fans Turn Against Abhijeet, Ask Nagarjuna To Make Her Bigg Boss Winner

16 Dec, 2020 12:38 IST|Sakshi Post

There’s no denying the fact that Abhijeet is the most popular contestant to have come out of the Bigg Boss house. If you ask any avid fan of Bigg Boss, who could be the probable winner of the season. Most of the people will vote for ‘Abhijeet’ as he is a deserving contestant to lift the trophy. Recently, Abhijeet and Harika fans used to go gaga over their cute friendship in the house. That’s not, Abhijeet and Harika fans used to split votes for them whenever they are in nominations.

Looks like things have changed between Abhijeet and Harika fans and they are urging the audience and their followers not to split votes. Abhijeet and Harika used to be good friends but the host of the Nagarjuna changed their equation. Nagarjuna gave a big lecture to Harika in the confession room and asked her to play her own individual game being favoritism to Abhijeet.

Later, Harika is seen spending time with Monal and Akhil by thinking they could have a huge fan following than Abhijeet. The reality she doesn’t know that Abhijeet is very much popular than Monal and Akhil in Telugu states. Harika fans turned against Abhijeet, requesting Nagarjuna to make Bigg Boss winner the most deserving and hard-working contestant Harika.  They went on to say that Abhijeet earned a massive fan following only because of Harika. Abhijeet fans are making funny comments by saying that Is Harika really has a fan following. Harika and Abhijeet fans are fighting for their demigods on social media. Check out the tweets:

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