Cinema Bandi’s Trailer Gets Amazing Response

5 May, 2021 18:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Netflix and D2R Indie, Raj and DK’s new age filmmaking initiative, launched the trailer of their maiden production “Cinema Bandi.” In just two days, the trailer which now cumulatively reached 1 million plus views, became one of the most talked about film in Tollywood and Bollywood.

Directed by debutante Praveen Kandregula, Cinema Bandi is an authentic comedy that mixes everydayness and extraordinary in a tale capturing the trials of a village making a film. All with a lost camera that an auto driver finds in his auto. The film is made by a group of first-time actors and film makers, in a village nearing the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The characters speak in a dialect that has rarely been heard on celluloid, a cacophony of Telugu and Kannada. Throw into this plot, a wide ensemble of characters - a carefree auto driver, a dying grandfather, a passionate barber, a smug photographer, a fierce vegetable seller, and the camera owner, the setting is bound to be hilarious.  With the tagline, ‘Everyone is a filmmaker at heart’, the film promises to a laughter riot.

On Friday, the filmmaker duo Raj and DK released the trailer of the film across various platforms on Netflix. Taking to Twitter, the makers wrote, “Presenting the trailer of CINEMA BANDI — an independent film made under #D2Rindie. A sweet little film — about making a film — with loads of humour and a huge heart! On Netflix, May 14. #CinemaBandi #CinemaBandiOnNetflix Please stay safe. Wear a mask.”

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