Chiranjeevi Can't Stop Raving About Nagarjuna's Wild Dog

5 Apr, 2021 13:53 IST|Sakshi Post

Sarah Justin

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Akkineni Nagarjuna are the strong pillars of Tollywood. They both have been featured in countless films in their careers spanning over four decades and they know the pulse of the audience.

The young crop of actors not only look up to the two senior actors but also seek suggestions from them before they sign up movies. They think that both Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna have been in the industry long enough to know what works.

Currently, Nagarjuna is riding high on the success of his recent outing 'Wild Dog' which is doing pretty well at the box office.

Megastar Chiranjeevi who saw 'Wild Dog' on Sunday, shared his review on social media. That's not all, Chiranjeevi also called Nagarjuna to appreciate him for his efforts in bringing out real story behind the bomb blasts that happened in Hyderabad.

Chiranjeevi even asked Nagarjuna and Wild Dog makers to arrange for a press meet to talk about the film. In an interaction with Sakshipost in Hyderabad, Megastar, Chiranjeevi stated; ''I felt the need to share about the movie with the audience because it's a very proud feeling to even watch the movie. Before the film was in progress, Wild Dog producers told me that they were doing a film on Gokul chat blast and I did not show much curiosity. There will no songs or romantic scenes, they told me. But everyone knows that these elements are common in Nagarjuna movies. So I was wondering how could they make a film like that and I felt without any songs or romantics scenes, the film would be a drag. Fortunately, the film beat my imagination and took me to another level. The gripping direction and every scene in the film kept me glued to the screen. I did not feel like taking any break in bteween that's how immersed  I was while watching the film. There are no words to describe the film. I am very happy that the audience are appreciating the film and supporting it,'' he gushed in his own style.

Speaking further, he said,''When I saw URI-The Surgical strike in Hindi, I wondered why weren't we making such films in Telugu. I was thinking that we all are busy in making commercial films, then Nagarjuna's Wild Dog film came and I'm really proud of the entire team for making it. I salute all the people who are supporting and encouraging the new genre of films like Wild Dog. And hence I felt the need to sharie my happiness with you all," the Megastar of Tollywood signed off with a giant smile.

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