Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Twist Awaiting This Weekend?

4 Oct, 2020 14:52 IST|Sakshi Post

As we all thought, Swathi Deekshith and Mehaboob would be in the danger zone of elimination among the nominated contestants, the Saturday episode proved that they are. Swathi got eliminated directly. 

Nagarjuna, the host of the show, looked angry with contestants a little bit for not obeying the rules of the Bigg Boss. He joked around Avinash-Ariyana friendship and warned Harika, Abhijit about speaking English as well. 

He majorly reviewed the performance of all the contestants and seemed to be more at ease to pick issues with them and discuss. His comic flair and style impressed more audiences, as the feedback about his hosting is better than last season. 

Bigg Boss producers have gone for direct elimination this Saturday but many predict there will be another one on Sunday and a twist with it. Most of them think, Swathi might get another chance as she got eliminated in just one week and real elimination will happen on Sunday. 

This kind of twist changes the game for contestants in the house as well. Mehaboob could be the person who gets eliminated, many predict so too. 

Let's wait and see if such a twist is waiting for us in Sunday episode or will it be a simple double eliminator and Swathi happened to be unlucky. 

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