Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Akhil In, Monal Out Of The House?

14 Nov, 2020 16:21 IST|Sakshi Post

Akhil and Monal Gajjar are hitting the headlines since the show went on air.  It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Akhil and Monal have some special connection to each other but they are not expressing in words as it is a reality show. Recently, the host Nagarjuna asked Akhil is Monal more than a friend to you? Akhil said she is only a friend. Not only Nagarjuna even the show buffs haven’t impressed with Akhil’s fake answer. In one of the episodes, Akhil is seen telling Monal I’m scared to hug these days. When Akhil went to the secret room, Monal is seen crying by hugging the pillow.

Akhil who watched Monal from the secret room, he even felt sad, it was visible on his face. Finally, Akhil is all set to make re-enter in the house in tonight's episode. Bigg Boss and show organizers always wants the audience and contestants should be happy and they never want to disappointed the audience on festival day. Akhil who is alone in the secret room is all set to enter into in tonight’s episode to celebrate Diwali with host Nagarjuna and the contestants.

Looks like Show makers are likely to give a new twist to the audience. Speculations are doing the rounds that the makers of the show are believed to have decided to separate Monal from Akhil. The buzz on social media suggests that the show makers are likely to eliminate Monal from the house. In this context, Akhil in and Monal is out of the house. If this news comes true then we are pretty sure Akhil will break down with Monal eviction. Let’s wait and watch what’s store for us.

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