Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : Abhijeet Will Be Most Undeserving Bigg Boss Winner, Think Netizens

14 Nov, 2020 11:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is gathering a mixed response from fans and audiences alike. From the beginning of the season, Abhijeet has been one of the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Abhijeet has never failed to win the hearts of the audience with his attitude and his romantic angle with Harika. Reports are doing the rounds that Abhijeet could be a probable winner of Boss Boss Telugu 4. Abhijeet always makes sure to be loyal to his friends in the house. There have been many times, few of the contestants has been against him, Amma Rajasekhar and Akhil have criticized him that he can’t perform well in the tasks.

That's not all, they also said that Abhijeet does only gossiping about others in the house. Abhijeet may not have made many friends in the house, but the one he became close to Harika. Abhijeet attitude has been winning the hearts of the audience. He has garnered a huge female fan following after making an entry in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Several girls have a huge crush on him.

Only a few weeks left for the show to come to an end. The show organizers might give challenging tasks for the contestants and becoming winner of the season needs some qualities. At least, they should perform well in the tasks. Netizens claim that if Abhijeet becomes the winner of the season then he will be the most undeserving winner in the history of Bigg Boss. Because Abhijeet can’t perform well in task and he also can’t entertain the audience.

Any Bigg Boss winner will either entertain the audience with her performance and generate good TRPs ratings but Abhijeet is not generating any kind of TRPs ratings with his presence in the house. So, it seems to be an undeserving winner to Abhijeet. Not mention, Abhijeet is garnering the highest votes every week compared to other housemates. The makers will take voting percentage of announcing winner and they wouldn’t focus on the performance basis. Let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us.

inka 3 weeks vunnayi definite gaa chala hard tasks vuntayi.. andhulo kuda #Abhijeeth sarigga perform cheyakapothe he is most Undeserving winner of biggboss history. no doubt. okay tasks vadhilestha entertainment ayina cheyali kadha... prathi winner trp avvali #BiggBossTelugu4

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