Bigg Boss Telugu 4 :Abhijeet Hits Jackpot Of Rs 1 Crore: Deets Inside

15 Dec, 2020 17:13 IST|Sakshi Post

As Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is inching close to its finale, the makers are leaving no stone unturned in introducing some more unpredictable twists and turns. Bigg  Boss makers are roping some of the ex-contestants to grace the show. The ex-contestants like Sreemukhi, Ali and Geetha Madhuri are seen interviewing them. If you ask, which contestant got most popular among the audience. Ideally, we would say Abhijeet and Monal Gajjar. Thanks for their performance in the house.  There is a huge fan war on social media especially Abhijeet and Sohel fans are fighting for their demi-god as to make them a winner. As we have already told you, Abhijeet has become number one in terms of hashtags and voting. This is enough that Abhijeet will walk out with the winner trophy this Sunday.

The latest news doing the rounds about Monal’s remuneration during her stint in the house. She was in the house for fourteen weeks. Do you know, how much she got paid for 14 weeks? If reports are to believed, Monal is the highest paid contestants and she was paid 3.5 lakh per week and the total amount for 14 weeks is seems to be Bigg Boss winner cash prize of Rs 49 lakhs.

She may not win the title but she got the cash prize amount for her to stay in the house. The buzz on social media suggests it is Abhijeet who got more paid than any other contestants. Do you how much Abhijeet earn for his stint in the house. According to the reliable sources, Abhijeet is getting paid Rs 4 lakh per week and the fifteen weeks amount seems to be around Rs 60 lakh which is more than cash prize money. There’s no doubt, Abhijeet will emerge as the winner of this season and the cash prize of Rs 50 lakh will also be him. Abhijeet is likely to hit a jackpot of Rs 1 crore as being part of the show.

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