Bigg Boss Telugu 4 12th Week No Elimination: Here's Why

25 Nov, 2020 09:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Looks like the race to win the task heating up inside of Bigg Boss house among the housemates. They are completely focused on the game and making sure to be in the top five finalists as the show nearing to its completion. All are eagerly waiting who will get eliminated this week. The nominated contestants for this week are-Avinash, Akhil, Monal and Ariyana. In unofficial polls, Avinash and Ariyana are in the bottom list and there are maximum chances one to get eliminated from these two this Sunday.

Murmurs are doing the rounds that there could be no elimination this weekend. All the strong and favorite contestants of show organizers are in danger zone. They doesn’t want to eliminate either Ariyana or Avinash as they are deserving contestants than Monal.

But, Monal is on top list as she bagged higher votes than Akhil who emerged as the most popular contestant of this season. Looks like Show organizers are planning to save one contestant from this week's elimination.If you are thinking, it is Monal, then your guess is wrong. Nagarjuna and Show organizers might be thinking to save Avinash from this week's eviction. Last night, Avinash won the immunity for eviction free pass for the next two weeks. Avinash can use it for two weeks. If Avinash gets eliminated this weekend, then he has a chance to use eviction free pass to save himself from eviction.  Likewise, there could be no elimination this weekend. Still, it's unclear an official confirmation regarding the news is awaited at the moment. Let's wait and watch what's store for us.

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