Bigg Boss 4 Contestant Monal Files Harassment Case Against Abijeet Fans

17 Dec, 2020 15:56 IST|Sakshi Post

Telugu Bigg Boss 4 is now heading towards the end and viewers are waiting with bated breath to know who will win the title this season. After weeks of eliminations, the Bigg Boss Telugu house has contestants namely Akhil, Abhijeet, Sohel, Ariyana and Harika. Even before he joined the show, everyone knew Abhijeet will be one of the finalists. His strong personality, his large fan-following made sure that he stayed among the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Ever the show went on air, everyday one would wake up to #Abhijeet trending on social media. With millions of tweets sent out almost every night, it was evident how much the public love seeing Abhijeet with Dethadi Harika. Their relationship may not be the most perfect, but the fact that they have stuck together despite their differences has warmed the couple to their fans.

Last night, Bigg Boss said they are very proud to have Abhijeet as a contestant for their show. Looks like Monal Gajjar may not be happy with the Abhijeet fan following. She must have understood that Abhijeet could emerge as the winner of the season. If you may recall, a few days ago, Bigg Boss contestants' family members visited the show to motivate them. Monal’s sister Hemali also came to see her sister, she advised Abhijeet not to talk behind anyone’s back. And Hemali suggested Abijeet to talk in front of the housemates and sort out the difference.

Post the show, Abhijeet fans have trolled her badly on social media. The latest news we hear is Monal Gajjar has filed a case against Abhijeet fans for targeting her family members and abusing them on social media. So Monam filed a cybercrime case against Abhijeet fans. Check out the video:

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