This Bigg Boss 3 Contestant Says Yes To Be Pawan Kalyan's Fourth Wife?

2 Mar, 2021 13:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan enjoys a massive fan following in different parts of the country.  A former Bigg Boss contestants Ashu Reddy is a die-hard of Pawan Kalyan. She became an overnight sensation on social media. Do you know,why? Recently, Ashu Reddy got a chance to meet Pawan Kalyan at shooting locations, as soon as she learned that Pawan Kalyan is also shooting for his film in other sets. She went to meet Pawan Kalyan and she took a photograph with him.

Yesterday, Ashu Reddy posed the photography with Pawan Kalyan and shared the message from him on social media. She wrote, "I still remember the tattoo he had along with me. We spent 2 hours of time chitchatting. I cannot explain my happiness. He wrote a sweet letter and gave to me as a sendoff. He is my first love forever". The message he wrote was, "I wish your wishes will be fulfilled in this life".  One of the user asked to Ashu Reddy on social media that " Will you accept if Pawan Kalyan gives you an opportunity to be his fourth wife?", her reply will leave you all shock.  She replied that "I would say ok" which left everyone in a shock.

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