BB4: The Top 5 Contestants Of The Show Are All Set For Grand Finale

13 Dec, 2020 12:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Show lovers of Bigg Boss Telugu have been waiting to know who the top five contestants of the show are going to be. This show has been such a decent hit that it has a lot of craze. The game which began with sixteen contestants and three wild card entrants, now has only five contestants and of course, they are the top five. According to the reliable sources, Monal Gajjar who rose to fame with the movie ‘Sudigaadu’ is the final contestant to get evicted from the house. Monal’s eviction episode will be aired in tonight’s episode.

So the remaining contestants will compete to grab the title. Currently, Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel, Ariyana and Harika are in the house who are prepping up for the grand finale of the show which is going to be held on December 20. The above-mentioned contestants are the top five contestants of the season.  We have already told you, Abhijeet has the maximum chance to become the winner of the season. Not many audience are happy about Akhil going to grand finale. He has performed in all the tasks but he is the most selfish and cunning person in the house.

Show buffs think that he doesn't deserve the position at all. Fans of the contestants are promoting their favorites on social media and the support they are lending is just immense. Since the beginning of the show, many accounts and pages on social media have started posting updates about the episodes, and other stuff that has been happening in the house. Well, we have to wait to see who is going to win this game.

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