Akhil Using Monal To Survive In Bigg Boss House

17 Nov, 2020 11:28 IST|Sakshi Post

The current season of Bigg Boss Telugu’s contestant Akhil Sarthak has been making the headlines for many reasons. Recently, Show buffs have trolled him for his fake drama in the house. Netizens are posting nasty comments on Twitter that Akhil is doing Oscar level performance. Akhil and Abhijeet never shares a good rapport with each other. It is Akhil who hates Abhijeet a lot, the primary reason for the duo becoming enemies is because of ‘Monal’.

Akhil treats Monal as a queen in the house. But, he nominated Monal for twice during the nomination to encourage her to play well. Last night, during the nomination process, Akhil nominated Abhijeet by stating that he didn’t like the way he talked behind his back during his absence. He further added that Why I said Monal as a friend is even if you treated her worse, she will always create a positive vibe around, I liked her positive attitude.

Netizens are trolling Akhil that he’ll never nominate Abhijeet without dragging Monal’s topic. A few sections of the audience say that Akhil is using Monal to survive in the game. He is also pretending that he is loving Monal but it is fake and he is doing these all dramas get footage. Netizens are trolling badly Akhil on social media. Take a look at the tweets:

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