Abijeet Or Akhil? Monal Reveals Truth After Bigg Boss Elimination

16 Dec, 2020 13:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Monal Gajjar was the latest contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu house. The popular Telugu reality show is inching towards the finish line and there are just five contestants left on the show. Among  the finalists for the last round of Bigg Boss Season 4 are Ariyana, Harika, Abhijeet, Sohel and Akhil.

We all know that Monal had been nominated earlier too for eviction but was saved week after week which angered Bigg Boss viewers who thought that host Nagarjuna Akkineni and the Bigg Boss makers were deliberately protecting Monal depsite her bad show in all the episodes. Besides, they felt that Monal was full of drama and was a huge distraction to other male contestants. This is because Monal was close to all the contestants, especially Abijeet and Akhil.

While she was Akhil in the first half of the season, she then switched her loyalties to Abijeet later. So she faced lot of trolls over this. However, now that Monal Gajjar has been evicted from the house, the popular Bigg Boss Telugu 8 contestant is busy giving media interviews.

In one of her interviews, Monal has revealed her true feelings. Is it Akhil or Abijeet? Hear it from the horse's mouth.

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