Abhijeet Exposes Monal's Game Plan, Akhil And Avinash Shocked?

4 Dec, 2020 15:32 IST|Sakshi Post

The game of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is only getting intense with each episode. Abhijeet and Harika have been friends since the first day. They have stayed together and even sacrificed for each other. Abika friendship has been the most talked-about this season. Abhijeet and Harika fans adored their true friendship in the house. Last weekend, Nagarjuna slammed Abhijeet for being dull, boring and uninterested in the game. He also slammed Harika for being partial to Abhijeet as a captain she forgot to tell him to talk in Telugu.

He showed one video clip to Harika where Abhijeet is talking with Monal ‘ I don’t understand, why my parents are impressed for you’. Harika might have hurt with the video and she didn’t talk to Abhijeet well for the past two days. Last night, Harika is seen sharing her pain with Abhijeet that Nagarjuna was lashed at her and showed a few video clips. Then Abhijeet is seen telling to her that ‘  A while back, Monal said she likes me. When Nagarjuna who is ‘A’ to Monal she was silent as she was scared of Akhil. Later, I asked her, who is ‘A’, she told me my name but I never felt to share it with anyone because she didn’t take any stand for him.

On top, she even nominated me. I know she is a big liar that’s why I’m being far from her. Abhijeet also suggested Sohel even the same that you just don’t believe her every word until you see within your eyes. Later, Akhil asked Monal ‘Is Avinash is your brother’. She gave a reply to Akhil yes he is my big brother and Avinash got shocked with her words. Some of the netizens are requesting show makers to eliminate Monal Gajjar and they are pleasing to give chance for Telugu contestant. They are requesting not to eliminate strong contestants for Monal for TRPs. It is left to see whether Nagarjuna will hear the pleas of the audience.

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