5 Reasons to Watch Telugu Movie Love Story

23 Sep, 2021 15:58 IST|L Manisha

Sekhar Kammula is known for his feel-good movies, and the way he directs the movie makes the audience watch it again and again. His films such as Anand, Godavari, Leader, and Happy Days are evergreen films that audiences prefer to watch when they want to watch a feel-good film. Sekhar Kammula's recent movie, Fidaa, had broken records at the box office. Sekhar Kammula made auidence go fidaa over his movies. It is worth mentioning here that in Tollywood, only Sekhar Kammula can direct feel-good love stories. Yes, Sekhar Kammula usually takes two years to release film in theaters, but it's worth the wait for the audience as they undoubtedly enjoy it. 

After Fidaa, Sekhar Kammula has come up with "Love Story", which stars Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi. This is the second movie in the collaboration of Sai Pallavi with Sekhar Kammula. Cinephiles are excited about watching the chemistry between Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi. 

Here are five reasons why you should watch Love Story.

1. Sai Pallavi dance: Sai Pallavi is well-known for her dance, and Chaitanya has worked hard to match pace with her. Chai and Sai Pallavi's dance in the promo has left the audience impressed. 

2. The promo has piqued the curiosity of fans. People are wondering what the movie is all about. Is it about caste, honour killing or a simple love story? We are sure, there is a message out there.

3. Sekhar Kammula knows exactly what the audience wants and gives it to them. In every movie, there will be a happy ending, but if we see the Love Story trailer, Shekhar Kammula appears  to have planned something different for this movie.

4. Chemistry between Chai and Sai Pallavi in the teaser and trailer looks promising.

5. As Chai always says, his weak point is dancing. But in this movie, he plays the role of a Zumba dancer, and you should see how he has managed to pull it off in the movie.

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