Youth for Social Impact: Top 10 Student Innovations from Telangana Govt. Degree, Polytechnic, SW Colleges Win Prizes

23 Nov, 2022 21:12 IST|Sakshi Post

11,823 students from 490 Engineering, Govt. Degree, Polytechnic, and ITI colleges on Design Thinking under the Youth for Social Impact program, an initiative by TSIC in collaboration with UNICEF India, Inqui-Lab Foundation, Y-Hub, and Yuwaah

Hyderabad: Youth for Social Impact (YFSI), a collective effort by Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), Dept. of Higher Education of Telangana, UNICEF India, Inqui-Lab Foundation, Y-Hub, and YuWaah, that trained 11823 college students on Design Thinking, concluded this year with the top 10 teams from across the state showcasing their winning ideas in an Innovation Showcase held today at T-Hub, Hyderabad. 

To encourage the students of Telangana from Engineering, Govt. Degree, Polytechnic, and ITI colleges for solving rural problems, YFSI was strategised and executed with the 6I approach: Inspire, Identify, Ideate, Immerse, Iterate, and Implement, which helped students to build solutions for rural problems with an immersive experience.  

SK Joshi, Former Chief Secretary to Telangana, expressing his gratitude to the students, said, “I am happy to learn that today innovation becomes the reason for the tears from a teacher on their students securing the top position. This program is a true example of how employment can be channelised through creativity and innovation.”

As a part of the program 11823 students along with 540 teachers from more than 490 colleges were sensitised on Design Thinking & Innovation.  Of the 824 innovation proposals from student teams, 10 top ideas have been chosen for the final showcase of the program. 

Shanta Thoutam, Chief Innovation Officer to Telangana, said, TSIC’s vision is to build and nurture the culture of innovation across the 33 districts of Telangana. We believe that innovation cannot be restricted to students of specific demographics and geography, and that YFSI remains to be a true testimony of inclusive participation. TSIC along the partners will hand-hold the top 10 ideas to scale them further in every possible way. I extend my deepest gratitude to UNICEF India, Inqui-Lab Foundation, YuWaah, and Y-Hub for complementing our effort towards disseminating innovation, a step towards building an innovation-driven economy.”

Winners' Details

The 1st prize was acquired by the team from Govt. Polytechnic College for Women - Warangal for their idea, Rythanna Kit: Tarpaulin zipped cover is being used to dry and protect the grains from moisture and rain. 2nd prize was given to BVRIT College of Engineering for Women, Hyderabad for their idea Bite Systems: Suraksha - a safety device which will act as a communication channel with safety features for underground mine workers. 3rd prize was given away by TSWRDS (W) Warangal East for their idea Krimi Haarini: To increase the shelltime of food grains which is the need of each and every household in today's living style. Special appreciation was given to St. Ann’s College for Women for the idea of Porcini Parcels which is a Mushroom product and packaging which will replace thermocol, styrofoam and bubble wrap. The mycelia waste from mushroom cultivation can be used for this making process.

Murali Krishna, Child Protection Officer at UNICEF India, said, “Our collaboration with Govt. of Telangana began with a vision to enhance the learning abilities of students and eventually the entire learning ecosystem through Design Thinking and Innovation. We believe that it would become a strong foundation towards building an innovative community. The program also gave confidence that innovation can be perceived even by vulnerable communities if engaged, which we continue to do through Y-Hub. UNICEF India is happy to announce half a million rupees to scale the top 10 innovations on a milestone-level basis.”

Gareth Wynn Owen, British Deputy High Commissioner to Telangana, said, “I believe everyone today who exhibited their innovations are winners for the fact that they have taken a step to solve some of the crucial problems of the society. This program sets the right notion that the importance of cultivating the thought to solve a problem leads to creative thinking among the youngsters.”

Vivek, Founder of Inqui-Lab Foundation, said, “We are happy to be part of the state that is today pioneering in the efforts of cultivating the culture of innovation. Innovation isn't only about ideas or making money but the innate thought towards solving a problem. Programs like YFSI are an example towards building a socially conscious society filled with innovators.”

Raviteja from YuWaah, extending their gratitude to all the partners and individuals behind the initiative, said, “Telangana is setting the example of innovation to other states. We are also putting across our efforts to replicate the programs in other states of India and beyond the country. We at UNICEF follow a model: UPSHIFT as a foundation to all the programs pertaining to innovation. We will continue to scale the top ideas, and the programs with increased delta in the coming years.”

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