Woman Climbs Water Tank Asking Lover To Marry Her

9 Aug, 2020 17:26 IST|Sakshi Post

KARIMNAGAR: Protesting against her boyfriend who allegedly cheated on her, a young woman climbed onto a water tank in Karimnagar district on Sunday, August 9. The woman alleged that her boyfriend got her pregnant on the pretext of marrying her, and later cheated her. The woman refused to get down the water tank until his boyfriend agreed to marry her.


According to reports, Ravali, a resident of Chengarla, and Suresh from Khader Goode in the Manakondoor zone, were in a relationship for the past few months. However, after Ravali asked Suresh to marry, he refused. Angry over this, the young woman went to the hometown of Suresh and climbed the water tank demanding that he marry her.

After climbing onto the tank, the woman started protesting against Suresh and refused to get down until her boyfriend accepted to marry her. She threatened the locals saying if anyone tries to get her down forcibly, then she would jump from the tank and kill herself.

However, locals say that the Ravali is already married twice. They say Suresh was the third person she was involved with.

Ten days ago, the police gave counseling to her as she protested in front of the gram panchayat. A case has been registered against Suresh following a complaint by Ravali as he did not agree to marry her.

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