Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge Becoming A Corona Super-spreader?

2 Oct, 2020 13:30 IST|Sakshi Post

The State Government may be allowing a huge and uncontrolled gathering at the newly inaugurated cable bridge over Durgam Cheruvu, but the health officials and the Central Government are not exactly pleased. They strongly feel that such unregulated mass gatherings could become surefire super-spreaders of COVID-19. They feel that mass gatherings can actually cause the spread of the virus.

But, the state government is trying to promote the gathering of people on the iconic new bridge with a view on the upcoming GHMC elections. The bridge is being touted as the latest tourist attraction. From Friday night to Monday morning the bridge is being opened only for the pedestrians. However, the Telangana health department and the Central government feel that this can only help spread the COVID-19.. On Thursday, Union Cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba has cautioned the state governments on the dangers of allowing such huge gatherings to happen.

But, for the state government, whatever advantage that this iconic bridge might offer are offset by the bad roads, standing flood water marooning low-lying colonies and roads. The potholed roads and bad commutation has to be addressed at the earliest, say the citizens.

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