Which Way For The Left Parties In Dubbak?

15 Oct, 2020 13:52 IST|Sakshi Post

One expected that the Left parties, which have a sizeable presence in Dubbak, and TJS chief Prof. Kodandaram , who has significant influence, to go ballistic in the bypoll. Both the Left parties have already announced that they would not contest the election.

But, interestingly, the CPI has asked the voters to defeat the BJP. But, he has also not asked the people as to who to vote. This means, he hasn’t asked his cadre to support the TRS openly. But secretly, the CPI is supporting the TRS. CPI’s Chada Venkat Reddy has recently met KCR in private. This is indication enough that the party is backing the TRS. But, it is only saying so openly. Ditto with the CPM. Party secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram is deafeningly silent. He has not issued any statement. 

Ditto with the Telangana Jana Samithi of Prof. Kodandaram. He has not spelt out whether his party would contest or not. He has also not told his party workers who to vote. As a result, his party workers have not decided who to vote. Indirectly, they are being told to vote for the Congress Party. This plight of the Left and Left of the centre is bordering on the comic. The Left is ending up making a joke of itself. 

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