Watch: Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir Canal Breaches, Village Flooded

30 Jun, 2020 17:52 IST|Sakshi Post

SIDDIPET: Venkatapuram village was suddenly flooded after Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir developed a breach in its canal in Siddipet on Tuesday morning. Villagers were taken by surprise when the water suddenly flowed in.

The floodwater destroyed vegetable cultivation and also some of the agricultural fields. Villagers ran inside their homes even as water also entered their homes.

Upon learning, officials swung into action and have identified the spot where the breach occurred and took up immediate repairs to stop the flow of water.

The canal of the Konda Pochamma Sagar reservoir is intended to take water to Yadadri Bhongir district.

The Kondapochamma reservoir, with three main sluices, will irrigate and serve water needs in Siddipet, Sangareddy, and Bhuvanagiri districts.

The Kondapochamma reservoir will be advantageous for drought-prone areas, whose agriculture is mainly reliant on rainwater during monsoons and borewells.

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme is one of the projects of the KCR-led government with 165-TMC capacity (including barrages). It has three barrages and 1,531 km of gravity canals and 203 km-long tunnels along with 19 pump houses and 20 reservoirs. KLIS aims at irrigating as many as 45 lakh acres in the state.

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