Audacious Bike Theft In Hyderabad Caught On Cam

28 Aug, 2020 18:13 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A motorcycle that was parked right outside of a house went missing recently under the Mangalhat police limits of Hyderabad. No one had any doubts on the fact that it was indeed stolen but who stole it was a million-dollar question. Even as the unfortunate owner of the motorcycle and the police were clueless, they stumbled on this most crucial piece of evidence – the footage from a CCTV camera installed in the vicinity!

Going through the visuals, both the owner and the police were shocked out of their wits to notice the audacity with which the thief stole the two-wheeler and decamped with it against all odds. Yes, you heard that right. The CCTV camera footage makes it amply clear that the yet-to-be-identified thief put all his burgling skills to use to flick the vehicle.

The incident happened in the lane opposite to the petrol filling station near Jumerat Bazaar of Mangalhat area. As the visuals vividly showed, the offender targeted the motorcycle that was parked beside the huge compound wall opposite a house in the lane. After checking out the vicinity, he kept loitering near the two-wheeler pretending to be speaking over his mobile phone. He waited for his most opportune moment to break the handle lock of the bike in a flash and began pushing the vehicle towards the main road.

Interestingly, the visual also shows the thief, with a clean shaven head, stopping and turning his head back as if to suggest he was being questioned by someone from the locality. He was seen making hand gestures and speaking with someone who was not captured by the surveillance camera. After what appeared to be a brief conversation, the thief was seen pushing the vehicle again upto the main road before going out of sight.

The sensational visuals from the CCTV camera footage have been going viral in social media with many expressing their shock at the daring bike theft, and also dismay at how he was so easily let go off after he was stopped and questioned briefly by the locals. All said and done, the thief’s stars shone brighter than the vehicle owner, who had the option only left – to lodge a complaint with the police. A manhunt has been launched by the police to trace the bike thief.

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