Utnoor: TSBCL Fire Destroys Liquor Worth Crores

28 Oct, 2021 11:12 IST|L Manisha

A liquor stock worth Rs 100 cr was destroyed on Wednesday after a fire broke out at the TS Beverages Corporation Limited (TSBCL). It is suspected that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. There were no casualties recorded as a result of the enormous fire. According to Thodasam Prabhu Das, the depot's manager, around 97,600 cases of various brands of liquor and beer valued between Rs 90 crore and Rs 100 crore that were stocked in the depot were damaged.

"At around 8.30 a.m., Shankar, a security guard, contacted me when he observed smoke coming from the depot warehouse." "I called the Utnoor Fire Station and hurried to the scene," he explained.

On Tuesday night, the manager, the store officer, and other employees turned off the power and locked the depot. The fire broke out on Wednesday morning, and the flames destroyed the entire depot, which contained large quantities of liquor meant for supply to 114 outlets in the former Adilabad district. 

Prabhu said that firefighters from Utnoor, Adilabad, Echoda, and Jannaram fire stations rushed to the spot, but were unable to douse the fire until late in the evening. Locals and police officers also pitched in to help put out the fire. The depot officials opened the warehouse shutters to let the smoke out. 

The manager said that an investigation into the accident would be conducted and that the employees had completed the monthly maintenance of the building and that there was no issue in the wiring. 

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