TRS Supporter Fined 2 Lakhs For Illegal Flexi Congratulating GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi

13 Feb, 2021 11:25 IST|Sakshi Post
Flexi banner

HYDERABAD: The Enforcement, Vigilance and Disaster Management (EVDM) wing of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation removed the flexi banners which were installed to congratulate the newly elected Mayor Gadwal R Vijayalakshmi. Apart from removing the banners the EVDM wing levied a fine of Two Lakhs Rupees on a TRS senior leader for putting up huge banners near the TRS Party Circle road in the city.

Hyderabad Mayor, Vijayalakshmi was criticised by the opposition BJP and few local activists for letting her TRS cadre put up the banners across the city, which was a clear violation of civic norms. There were several banners of the mayor seen at the TRS Party office road and the upmarket Banjara Hills areas from where she was elected as the corporator for the second time in 2020.

As per norms of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) flexi banners are banned within its limits.

Some activists say that she should have clearly told her cadre not to raise such flexi banners, and GHMC officials should remove them immediately and no one is above law, including the First Citizen of Hyderabad.

Several people flooded the Director EV&DM, GHMC Twitter handle with pictures of her flexi banners, to which the officials responded saying that e- challans were being issued.

The EVDM officials also requested people to post the violation photographs along with address details wherever possible so that e-challans could be generated for them and they would have them removed.

It may be recollected that a 23-year-old techie was run over by a tanker lorry after a banner erected by the AIADMK fell on her. After the incident, the Madras High Court today came down heavily on illegal flexi banners across the cities, which were posing a threat to commuters.

After the incident, the GHMC conducted a drive to remove hundred of flexi banners' especially those of politicians across the city, a move which was highly appreciated by the locals.

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