TRS Masterstroke Immobilises BJP, Congress In GHMC

13 Oct, 2020 14:06 IST|Sakshi Post

This is the real masterstroke that KCR has played on both the BJP and the Congress in the upcoming GHMC elections. This one decision has made both the opposition parties go reeling in confusion. The parties are now looking for ways and means to fight of KCR’s greatest gamble.

During the last GHMC elections, 50 per cent reservation was given to women candidates in the GHMC. A well-prepared TRS managed to get nearly 79 women candidates get elected to the GHMC. Similarly, it’s best buddy MIM too managed to get 19 corporators get elected. Parties like the Congress and the BJP were caught unawares and could not get women candidates. So, the fight was a mere formality for them.

This time too, KCR has brought in the 50 per cent reservation for women. It has got the candidates ready and prepared them well in advance. The BJP and the Congress are still searching for right women candidates for the GHMC elections. Inability to get good candidates is bugging both the parties. If the same trend continues, the parties might not be able to put up decent candidates and lose the initiative. This means the TRS would have a walkover this time too.

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