TRS Leaders Criticise BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao Over Failed Promises

30 Sep, 2021 10:59 IST|Sakshi Post

TRS leaders criticised Dubbaka BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao as he was unable to keep up his poll promises. They lashed out at Raghunandan Rao and said that it is not correct to pass wrong comments on the ruling TRS government. They said that Raghunandan Rao should concentrate on the development of Dubbaka and told him to keep up his promises made during the Dubbaka bypolls.

They said that Raghunandan Rao won by making false promises and expressed anguish over him for not taking up any activity for the development of the constituency. They said that he became MLA with a slight margin. TRS leaders warned Raghunandan Rao that if he continues to criticize the TRS government then he will not be allowed to be in Dubbaka.

Recently, Korutla MLA Kalvakuntla Vidyasagar Rao also reminded Raghunandan Rao about his promises made before the Dubbaka byelection. He also shared a video on his Twitter in which one could see Raghunandan promising the villagers two oxen and plow before the bypolls. He said that Raghunandan should think twice before commenting on TRS leaders and the ruling government.


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