Traffic Police Can't Seize Vehicles For One Pending Challan, Says Telangana HC

21 Aug, 2021 12:41 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad traffic police issues challans for speed driving, wrong parking, driving without a helmet, etc. The police not only issue challans, but also seize the vehicles of offenders.  A couple of days ago, Madhapur Traffic CI made it clear that the police can seize the vehicle if there is a single pending challan.

A few days ago, police seized the bike of a lawyer Nikhilesh at Parvath Nagar Chowrastha. Madhapur Traffic police seized Nikhilesh's bike as there was a pending challan of Rs. 1650. Nikhilesh questioned the traffic police about the challan details, then the police said that he travelled on a flyover where there was no entry. The traffic police further added that he was fined Rs. 1,635 as he travelled on the flyover violating the rules. Nikhilesh asked the police that they should impose Rs. 135 for no-entry, but wondered as to why they had given a challan of Rs. 1650. Nikhilesh who got irritated with the behaviour of the police filed a writ petition in the High Court of Telangana.

The HC heard the case and expressed anguish over the attitude of the police and said that according to the law, they can't seize the vehicle. The High Court also issued orders stating that the bike should be given back to Nikhilesh.

Despite High Court issuing orders, the traffic police in another case, asked Mayank Joshi who was travelling in a car to pay the pending challan immediately. Mayank Joshi, a resident of Hyderabad city was stopped by the police while he was on his way to Manikonda from Shamirpet in a rented car. Police said that there was Rs 19,695 pending challan and they demanded him to pay the amount. Mayank Joshi shared his experience on the Twitter accounts of Zoomcar, an Indian self-drive car rental company, and also on Cyberabad traffic police. Within 45 minutes, the police gave the car back to Mayank Joshi.

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