Tiger On The Prowl Near Kothagudem, Telangana

16 Dec, 2020 16:01 IST|Sakshi Post

Kothagudem: Locals on Wednesday confirmed sighting of a tiger near Regalla cross road in Laxmidevipalli mandal near Kothagudem town on Wednesday.

As soon as the villagers saw the tiger and his paw-marks, they ran to the forest officials to report about it. The officials rushed to the site where the tiger was spotted and began tracing his movements.

There have been a lot of instances like these in the past few days. A tiger even reportedly killed two tribal men. The villagers have been fairly stressed due to all this. While there is a certain amount of commotion being caused by these tiger sightings, the forest officials sure have a reason to rejoice. Telangana state which spoke about its high tiger population has returned again.

Due to several reasons and invasion of the forest by hunters and smugglers, the population of tigers in the region went significantly down. The hunters would set up traps that laid harm to the tigers. The forest area was also going down as it kept getting used for farming.

In the past years, the forest officials have really tried to keep the forest safe for these animals. Deforestation went down as they took special care for that. The villagers are helping in keeping these animals safe by protecting their habitat. 

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