They Looked Everywhere And Finally Found Him Inside A Well!

2 Jul, 2021 15:34 IST|Sakshi Post

After falling into a deep abandoned agricultural well on Tuesday, an 80-year-old man survived for three days without food or water before being rescued on Thursday.

As per details, Paisa Narayana, a resident of Siddipet's Bara Imam Colony, fell into the well and survived. His calls for help, however, went unheard because no one was listening. Finally, a nearby farmer checked the well and discovered Narayana pleading for assistance. He called the Siddipet Rural Police, who dispatched a team led by Sub-inspector Shankar to the scene.

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The police enlisted the help of the fire department, who rescued Narayana from the well and rushed him to the Siddipet Government Hospital, where he was given saline. Narayana's condition, according to the doctors, is stable. Narayana's family members, who had been searching for him for three days, rushed to the hospital after learning of the incident and thanked the police and firefighters.

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