Telugu NRIs in London Mark Telangana Formation Day

2 Jun, 2022 13:24 IST|Sakshi Post

"Telangana State Formation Celebrations" in London

London: The Telangana state formation celebrations were jointly organised by NRI TRS and TAC and included expatriate Telangana youth as well as working family members.

The occasion was presided over by TAC General Secretary Suresh Budugam at the House in London.

Earlier in the day, Telangana ideologue Jayashankar Garu paid respect to the painting with flowers and maintained a two-minute silence in honour of the martyrs.

TAC President Ratnakar Kadudula had earlier hailed a happy State Formation Day to all Telangana youngsters throughout the world. Martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of the state's cause were honoured. Congratulations to everyone participating in KCR's campaign. Telangana is developing rapidly under Chief Minister KCR, in keeping with the aspirations of the martyrs and the people of Telangana. Ratnakar expressed his gratitude to KCR and expressed his hope that Telangana would flourish more under his leadership in the coming days. The TAC organization's cultural service procedures were explained.

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TAC Vice President Sushumana Reddy said it was a joy to celebrate under TAC's auspices, adding that we were all reminded of the Telangana movement today, not only the celebrations. He expressed his gratitude to the members of the working group who helped make the event a success.

The Chairman of the Advisory Council, Matta Reddy, stated that the task of the formation of Telangana, which has been accomplished through many sacrifices, is the result of Telangana that we see today, and that everyone should be a part of it to the best of their ability.

TRS, London, in-charge Naveen Bhuvanagiri stated that golden Telangana is only feasible under CM KCR, and we are with him in the movement, and we will stand by him in the development of golden Telangana and do our bit.

The gathering came to a close with a salute from TRS's chief leader, Abu Jafar.

TAC President Ratnakar Kadudula, Vice President Sushumana Reddy, Vice President Satya Chilumula, Advisory Chairman Matta Reddy, TAC and Teresa leaders Malla Reddy, Suresh Budugam, Satyapal, Shravya, Supraja, Swathi Budugam, Ravi Retineni, Naveen Bhuvanagiri, Ravi Pradeep, Abu Jafar, Srujan Reddy, Prashant, Suresh Gopati, Hari Nawapet, Mani Teja, Nikhil, Jashwant and others participated.

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