Telangana to Upgrade Medical Infrastructure to Ensure Ample Oxygen Supply

22 Jul, 2021 14:31 IST|Sakshi Post

In the wake of an imminent third wave of Coronavirus, the state government has started making preparations to upgrade hospital infrastructure across Telangana to ensure Covid patients have a sufficient supply of clean medical oxygen.

The Health Department is preparing 27,966 government hospital beds with permanent oxygen lines as part of these efforts. To prevent having to rely on other states for oxygen, the authorities are building 132 oxygen-generating facilities in government hospitals around the state.

The oxygen plants and hospital beds with oxygen lines, which cost about Rs 157 crore to build, are expected to comfortably meet the estimated surge in medical oxygen demand during a possible third wave.

Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr K Ramesh Reddy said, "We are in the process of creating at least 27,966 beds with medical oxygen lines, which is a huge step in our fight against future Covid waves. The medical infrastructure created will also meet long-term needs of patients with other diseases."

Senior health authorities estimate that the state now has close to 10,000 beds with oxygen lines, with civic work on the remaining 17,966 beds anticipated to be finished in the next months. The state government is investing Rs 53.58 crore in projects across 133 government hospitals across Telangana. Authorities are also working to build 132 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen facilities around the state.

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