No Entry for Inter-state Travellers From AP as Telangana Seals Borders

24 May, 2021 12:41 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: With the Telangana police strictly enforcing the lockdown sanctions since Sunday, a large number of vehicles were stopped at the check posts on the Andhra Pradesh-Telangana border. To restrain travellers entering the state the police department has completely closed the check posts at four places at Suryapet district borders, including Redlakunta, Chinthalapalem and Mattampalli. Superintendent of Police R Bhaskaran instructed police personnel to enforce the restrictions strictly and said that except for emergency services like ambulances and essential commodities vehicles, other vehicles would not be allowed into the State from the border points at Mellcheruvu, Chinthalapalem, Mattampally and Palakeedu mandals, which are bordering mandals of Andhra Pradesh State.

A large number of vehicles at Ramapuram village near Kodad in Telangana's Suryapet district were held up on Sunday, as police were allowing only vehicles that have ePasses to enter Telangana.

Despite the easing of restrictions in Telangana from 6 am to 10 am, the passengers got into an argument with the police as to why the vehicles that arrived at that time were not allowed. Extreme chaos ensued after vehicles were stopped and motorists who were travelling without ePasses were asked to go back, despite the lockdown relaxation in Telangana. Heavy traffic was reported at the check posts on the national highway at Garikapada near the  Krishna district border. After waiting for hours, the motorists were turned away as the Telangana police refused to heed their request and denied permission. As per the Telangana High Court order, ambulances, and other vehicles for emergency use, however, were exempted from the restriction. Goods (freight) vehicles are allowed only until 10 am. Freight vehicles were also stopped later. Nandigama DSP Nageswara Reddy, CI Chandrasekhar, SI Venkateswara Rao and SI Balanagi Reddy inspected the situation at Garikapadu check post and Pondugala check post.

Telangana police have even refused to accept the ePasses issued by the Andhra Pradesh counterparts, leading to hundreds of vehicles stalled at the Pullur toll gate on the AP-Telangana border in Jogulamba-Gadwal district here on Sunday. The check-posts en route at Mathampalli and Pulichintala within Telangana borders were also closed.

Telangana is under lockdown till May 30 in order to tackle the second wave of COVID-19 with restrictions eased between 6 am and 10 am. Only valid e-pass holders and essential services staffs are allowed to travel into the State.

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