Telangana Sees Remarkable Growth in Key Health Indicators

8 Jul, 2021 10:51 IST|Sakshi Post

The key health indicators have registered remarkable improvement in Telangana during the last six years. Since the KCR government started ruling, Telangana recorded a significant improvement in the functioning and performance of the local healthcare systems.

Besides this, all major healthcare indicators like maternal mortality rate, infant mortality rate, under-five mortality rate, neonatal mortality rate, institutional deliveries, healthcare infrastructure in teaching hospitals and women and child health have shown positive results.

The investment made on Mother and Child Health centres, recruitment of manpower, sustained focus on investment, improved focus on developing infrastructure has played a major role by the government in showing the improvement in health sector.



Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) for one lakh births 92  63
Deliveries in government hospitals   below 30%  50%
Overall institutional deliveries 90% 97%
Infant Mortality Rate(IMR) for 1000 births 39 26.4
Under 5 Mortality Rate for 1000 births 41 29.4   


After the Covid pandemic stuck the state, the government ensured substantial investment in infrastructure in teaching hospitals and free diagnostic services. It is learned that at least 5,000 government hospital beds with dedicated oxygen lines are underway and will probably be made available before the third wave of Coronavirus. 

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