Telangana Schools Students Will Not Pass Students Without Exams

22 Jan, 2022 14:07 IST|L Manisha

The Telangana government had extended the Sankranti holidays till January 30 after a surge in COVID 19 and Omicron cases across the state. 

Sabitha Indra Reddy, Telangana Minister for Education, stated that educational institutions in the state would reopen by January 31 unless there is a spike in Covid 19 cases across the state. "Unlike last year, neither the examinations nor the students will be promoted this year," the Minister reiterated.

The state government scheduled Sankranti vacations for schools from January 8 to 16 in response to the rising number of COVID cases. Later, the government was supposed to extend the holidays even longer and begin online sessions on January 17. The state government decided to prolong the holidays, but not the online classes.

In response to a question about the schools' opening, the Education Minister stated that a report had been requested from higher officials. "The vacations may only be extended longer if the number of Corona cases rises dramatically; otherwise, the educational institution would reopen on January 31," Minister said.

When questioned if the examinations will be cancelled this year, the Minister definitely said that they will not be cancelled this year, as they were last year. "The students must study hard this year since, unlike last year, they will not be promoted," she stated.

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