Telangana School Reopening: Parents Should Take These Precautions

31 Aug, 2021 12:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana High Court has issued a stay on the reopening of the schools after hearing a PIL filed on the reopening of schools amidst COVID-19 fears on Tuesday. High Court stated that "They can run the classes, online, offline or in hybrid mode in tune with the facilities they have. As far as social welfare & tribal welfare residential schools that have attached hostels the state was asked to explain the SOPs it has in place. For now, they cannot be reopened." Telangana High Court also said that schools shouldn't be penalised for failing to reopen.

A bench comprising of acting Chief Justice M S Ramchander Rao and Justice Vinod Kumar of Telangana High court, while hearing a PIL filed by a parent challenging the G.O of the re-opening of schools is the violation of Articles 14 and 21 of the Indian constitution said that the schools can't be reopened now.

State Education Minister, P Sabitha Indra Reddy speaking to a news agency said that "Covid-19 is on its way out. It is safe for parents to send their children to schools. Sanitation work in most of the schools has been completed."

Hyderabad District Educational Officer (DEO) R Rohini added that there are around 690 government schools where sanitation work has been completed. Most of the staff have been vaccinated.

After the news of educational institutions going to be opened on September 1st broke out, many parents were in dilemma. Some of the parents were worried and they were not willing to send their children to the schools whereas few others agreed to send their children to schools.

If not now, at some point, children should be sent to schools, so here are some of the precautions that parents need to take.

Train your children in a way that they should follow social distance, use sanitizer, and should never remove their masks. 

Children should be given a shower immediately after they return home from school and their uniforms should be washed. 

The temperature of the children should be checked frequently. It is important to note the symptoms such as cold and cough. Fruit juices should be given more often.

An extra mask should be given to the children. Handkerchief and sanitizer are must.

Tell your children to wash their hands for at least 2 hours and apply 4 drops of sanitizer. Give instructions to your children to stay away from others.

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