Telangana: More Transmissible COVID Variants Pose 3rd Wave Risk

10 Jun, 2021 10:39 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: As India battles Covid19, states are also taking measures to deal with the increase in cases. The second wave brought a surge of new cases but now as the situation is gradually getting better, states are lifting lockdown.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao made a big decision to allow a few more hours of curfew relaxation during the day. In the latest announcement following a meeting with his cabinet minister which ran for hours, KCR said that the public can now move around till 5 pm. He also said a grace time of an hour would be given for office goers to reach back home. This will be in effect for the next ten days.

Even when the lockdown is being lifted with only a night curfew in place, the state government are still worried about the virus. The daily numbers as of now have gone down but that doesn’t mean that the situation has become good. Now new and more dangerous variants are spreading fear of Covid. According to reports, this can lead to the third wave.

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Everyone is frightened imagining the effect of the corona third wave in India. But after observing the rate of vaccinations and the second wave, experts say that the third wave in India may not be terrible. There are varied opinions on this with experts saying different things.

A third wave is predicted in six to eight months. The impact can be reduced compared to the second wave said, said Professor Agarwal. “It will be localised, and many people will not be affected because they will have immunity due to vaccination.” He also mentioned that the third wave would not arrive until at least October 2021.

The experts are saying different things as it is still too early to precisely predict anything. Officials have said that you should not take it easy. Even as the lockdown is lifted, all the necessary rules and guidelines must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. Telangana epidemiologists, virologists and public health specialists are predicting the third wave and have asked everyone to take care of themselves. 


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