Telangana Lockdown Restrictions Make It Difficult For Passengers To Catch Trains On Time

17 May, 2021 16:13 IST|Sakshi Post

Lockdown restrictions are creating a lot of problems for the people of Telangana who need to commute for various reasons. It is known that the state government has allowed all services and transport facilities only to function from 6 AM to 10 AM.

However, trains are running as per their usual timings which goes beyond the curfew timings. People who need to travel are facing difficulty catching those trains which are departing after 10 AM.

For instance, Hazrat Nizamuddin (South) Express will leave Nampally Railway Station at 11 PM. The Railway authorities allow passengers into the platform only a few minutes before the departure. As a result, people who have to travel on Hazrat Express have to reach the station before 10 AM and wait till the train reaches the station.

As there is no transport facility available in the state after 10 AM, passengers are reaching the railway station way before the scheduled time. Elderly people, children and women reportedly have to wait for 13 hours in the station to catch their trains.

Many allege that travellers' situation is getting unbearable. However, on Sunday, authorities allowed the passengers in early because of the weather on account of Cyclone Tauktae

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