Shocking Facts Revealed In Vaman Rao's Case

22 Feb, 2021 09:46 IST|Sakshi Post

A lawyer couple was hacked to death by two persons in broad daylight on the main road near Kalvacherla village in Peddapalli district on February 17th. Gattu Vaman Rao and his wife PV Nagamani attended a case in Manthani Court on Wednesday and has been returning by car to his home in Hyderabad. Suddenly, two persons stopped Vaman Rao's car and attacked the couple. A video of two persons inflicting injuries on Vaman Rao went viral on social media. Later, the wife of Vaman Rao was also attacked. The couple have been immediately rushed to the government hospital in Peddapalli. They have been died while undergoing treatment.

According to the police, a recent dispute over the construction of a temple in Vaman Rao's native village might be one of the reasons. The murder has created a sensation in the Peddapalli district. The main accused Kunta Srinivas and Chiranjeevi have been arrested in Maharashtra.

Now, many messages stating that Vaman Rao had a criminal past and used to torture leaders and some of the photos related to Vaman Rao are going viral on social media. The shocking messages state that one should know about the criminal past of Vaman Rao. It is alleged that many common people have suffered a lot due to Vaman Rao. It is said that Vaman Rao used to blackmail many people, leaders and officials. 
In addition to this, a woman conducted a press meet stating that Vaman Rao was responsible for the death of her husband. Some of the people are questioning that why Manthani MLA Sridhar Babu is showing much interest in Vaman Rao's death case. Sridhar Babu reiterated his demand for a CBI investigation into the double murder Vaman Rao and Nagamani.

It is said that Vaman Rao was a notorious criminal. A total of 20 cases have been registered against him and in three cases, he was arrested. He appealed to the Supreme Court over his sentence, but the Supreme Court upheld his conviction. This itself is a clear indication that Vaman Rao had a criminal past.

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