Telangana High Court Seeks Report on Fire Safety In Junior Colleges

25 Feb, 2021 16:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Taking a serious note about the safety of students in college premises, the Telangana High Court directed the officials to submit a report on the fire safety equipment and regulations being followed in Junior colleges in the State on Thursday.

The High Court, which was hearing a petition on the fire regulations of junior colleges, said that a report should be submitted within three weeks and action taken against these colleges.

The counsel representing the Telangana Board Of Intermediate Education said that it had closed 40 colleges, including 20 Narayana, 10 Srichaitanya colleges for not following the fire safety regulations.

The counsels for the Srichaitanya, Narayana and Gayatri colleges counsels said that the owners of colleges said that it was difficult to implemet these regulations in buildings built before the law came into force. Owners of colleges say that the government is suddenly enforcing these regulations and were seeking the court to consider alternative terms.

Taking a stern note the High Court said that the government had just woken up with the High Court orders and ruled that colleges must comply with fire regulation compliances. The Court commented that the lives of students cannot be put to risk and the reprimanded that the colleges' argument is on how it can run colleges without adequate safety measures.

The High Court also commented that some colleges were just running for profit and cannot continue in buildings that do not comply with the regulations. The High Court reserved its judgment on the petitions of the colleges and posted the matter for hearing after three weeks.

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