Telangana Has Enough Stock Of TB Drugs

2 May, 2021 17:14 IST|Sakshi Post

Covid has impacted TB patients. Fresh TB cases are increasing due to Covid19. Due to the pandemic, the transportation of the TB drug has become difficult across the world.

However, attempts have been made in recent months to build up sufficient stocks of tuberculosis medications, which are administered using the Directly Observed Therapy Short Term (DOTS) therapy. As a result of these measures, there is enough TB drug stock to last for the next few months for TB patients in the state, said Senior State TB authorities.

Officials said that "The Senior Treatment Supervisor (STS) in the district has a database of patients who need TB drugs and they have enough stock of TB drugs to last for months"

Aside from ensuring adequate medication supplies, the state TB authorities have recently formed a panel of doctors from different disciplines to assist patients recovering from difficult-to-treat TB. Patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis (DRTB), extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (X-DRTB), and multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis (MD-RTB) have a tough time recovering from their illness.

Doctors Said "We now have an exclusive panel of expert doctors who will review each and every difficulty in treating TB cases and prescribe a personalized treatment regimen to them. The aim is to ensure such patients also get a fair chance to recover from TB. Moreover, during the ongoing Covid pandemic, such a panel will be helpful in the treatment of TB patients who have tested positive. "

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