Telangana Govt Asked to Set Up Task Force to Check Violations in Private Hospitals

18 May, 2021 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana High court on Monday questioned the state government about reducing Covid-19 testings to less than 1 lakh swabs. The slow testing speed comes at a time when the state, like the other parts of the country, is facing the second wave of coronavirus.

The health director Srinivas Rao and DGP Mahender Reddy presented their version through reports on checking virus spread and strict imposition of night curfew and lockdown.

Hearing the case about the Covid-19 cases and measures, the high court expressed discontent on the number of daily tests that are being conducted in the state.

The court then directed the government to conduct more tests and asked them to set up a task force to check violations in private hospitals.
Health director Srinivas Rao informed that the government is not lagging behind in conducting the tests every day. Telangana conducted average of 69,185 tests from May 1 to 14, he added.

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