COVID 19 Vaccine Dry Run On January 2 In Two Districts In Telangana

1 Jan, 2021 09:32 IST|Sakshi Post

The Center has decided to conduct a coronavirus vaccination dry run in two districts of Telangana. The state medical and health department is making all the arrangement to conduct COVID-19 vaccination dry run in Hyderabad and Mahabubnagar districts on Saturday. The dry run will be conducted in 3 installments at each center. At least 100 people will participate in the dry run.

Secretary to Government, Health Medical and Family Welfare Department, Syed Ali Murtuza Rizvi  directed the officials to ensure that some doctors and people should take part in the event. He directed the officials that there should be smooth allocation of the vaccine doses from the stores.

The main aim of conducting the dry run is to know about all possible adverse events that are expected to arise after immunising people during the actual process, which will be done once the vaccine is released. 

In Andhra Pradesh, the dry run was conducted in five facilities of the Krishna district. The beneficiaries have been selected from among the healthcare workers at each site.

The coronavirus vaccination drive would be the country's largest vaccination program, and the government is therefore attempting to smooth over any hitches in the dry run itself.

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