KCR Welcomes Apex Council Meeting For Water Disputes

20 Aug, 2020 13:19 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Wednesday has welcomed the Centre's decision to hold the Apex Council meeting aimed to sort out river water issues between the state and Andhra Pradesh on August 25. Rao has decided to write a letter to the Centre conveying his acceptance to participate in the Apex Council meeting, an official release said.

The Centre had earlier proposed to hold the meeting on August 5. However, it did not take place as Telangana wanted another date after August 20. Irrigation projects being taken up on Godavari and Krishna rivers by both the states remain a contentious issue.

The Apex Council headed by the Union water Resources Minister has Chief Ministers of Telangana and AP as members.

Rao, who held a review meeting to finalise the strategy to be adopted at the meeting, made it clear that all the disputes, doubts expressed by the AP government and the Centre on sharing of river waters will be clarified and cleared. Telangana would raise its objections on the issues, at the meeting. In the proposed letter, issues to be incorporated in the agenda for the meeting would also be pointed out, the release from Rao's office said.

The CM has instructed officials concerned to prepare comprehensive information on all the objections that the AP Government and Centre had put forth and they should be clarified at the Council meeting.

CM KCR also pointed out that there were no new projects in the Telangana state and the projects approved in the united AP were redesigned to suit the needs of the Telangana and the projects are being executed in tune with the Bachawat Tribunal Award.

It was also decided to oppose and register objections over enhancing the capacity of Pothireddy Padu as well as the new Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation project being taken by the AP government at the Apex Council meeting.

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