Telangana: Chicken Prices Increase Due To Drop In Production

11 May, 2022 15:57 IST|Sakshi Post

The price of broiler chicken in the Telangana state has witnessed a sharp increase. In retail chicken shops, 1 Kg skinless chicken is being sold at Rs. 300 and chicken with skin is being sold at Rs. 280. The price of boneless chicken is very high. One interesting news is that the cost of country chicken bird is Rs 480 per kg and there is no change in the price of it. 

The price of broiler chicken generally increases in summer but this year, it has increased more than the usual price. The prices of chicken have increased because of higher feed costs and robust demand. An increase in the cost of the poultry feed prices has led to an increase in the cost of production, which might have pushed the prices across the state. In Summer, there will be additional costs like air-coolers and higher electricity consumption, along with labour costs and this also increase the price of production of broiler birds. 

Ranga Reddy stands first in Poultry Industry and it is followed by the erstwhile Nalgonda district. There are nearly 400 poultry farms in the erstwhile Nalgonda district. In the production time of 45 days, 50 to 60 lakh broiler birds come out of each batch from these poultry farms. But now the situation is totally different.

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