Telangana Can Survive Covid19 Third Wave: Experts

26 Jul, 2021 15:08 IST|Sakshi Post
Representative image: A man using sanitizer

Hyderabad: We all know that the fear of the third wave is looming over India. The country faced a difficult time during the second wave with a shortage of vaccines and medical supplies. But now the Covid19 vaccine drive is going at a fairly good pace.

As the vaccine drive is going well and more people are getting immunized every day, the risk is slowly going down. People who are not vaccinated are more vulnerable. But once you get both doses of the vaccine, it becomes safe for you. The vaccine plus natural immunity in most of the population in Telangana will help the state survive the third wave.

If and when the third wave arrives, the state can be ready for it. The vaccines are also helping build immunity against the Delta Variant. Slowly the body is adapting to the change and even the antibodies in the system are becoming stronger.

The city-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) did a sero-surveillance study in which they found out that almost 60 percent of the population in the state have naturally developed antibodies against coronavirus. Along with that we also have the vaccine drive that is going smoothly. This means by the time the third wave arrives, most of the population in Telangana will be safe. It might not have an adverse effect as it did during the previous waves.

Researchers have also shared that the third wave might not even arrive in Telangana. But in case it does, we will be ready for it as most of the population will have developed antibodies. The vaccine and natural immunity will shield us and also hinder the spread of the virus.

According to the study, not just the elders but also young kids have antibodies in them. Kids between 6 to 9 years of age also have developed the antibodies. Seeing all this, it is highly unlikely that the third wave will cause any adverse effects. The state can easily sail through it.

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