Teething Problems In Registration Of Non-agricultural Lands Will Be Resolved Soon

16 Dec, 2020 09:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Transport, Roads and Building Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy said that all technical issues cropping up in the process of registration of non-agricultural lands and properties would be resolved soon and the registration services would be made easier for the people. On Tuesday, the cabinet sub-committee for the registration of non-agricultural lands met for three hours.

Speaking after the meeting, Prashant Reddy, who is also the chairman of the sub-committee, said that CM KCR had set up a sub-committee with the intention of making all transactions related to land and property in a transparent and corruption free manner.  He had launched the Dharani portal.
CS Somesh Kumar and his team had worked tirelessly for 100 days under the guidance of CM KCR. He explained that the works through Dharani Portal are going on in a soft manner and no where in the country, this type of system is available.

KTR, Mahmood Ali and Errabelli Dayakar Rao participated in the meeting. Prashanth Reddy said that all hiccups related to registration of non-agricultural properties or lands will be over soon. The officials have been divided into three groups. Prashant Reddy said that one team will look after the technical issues, another team will look into the legal issues and the third team will monitor the entire prospects.

Prashanth Reddy said that in the beginning of a new system, everyone will face small difficulties and further added that they will be resolved soon.  The offices of the Sub-Registrar are divided into four categories. He asserted that the Telangana  government has been committed  for the development of the real estate sector in the state, adding that it would dispel any misconceptions among bankers regarding documentation. GPAs and SPAs will be made available soon.

He further added that, "We have set a target of completing the pending registrations within 3 months by hiring additional staff in the offices where most registrations take place."

Prashant Reddy also said that they are coming up with a system where buyers and sellers can easily make their documentation process. He added that PTIS is a unique number and with this number there will not be any chance for fake registrations.  He said that there will not be any problem in registering vacant lands and all the services will be made available in a phased manner.

The Minister clarified that the cabinet sub-committee is ready to take suggestions from various sections of the society and would work towards solving all the technical glitches that are cropping up in the process of registration. However, the  officials said that the problems faced in the registration process were being addressed through 'Issue Tracker' from time to time and minor technical issues would be resolved within three days.

He said that the issue of  LRS is not going to come to an end soon.  The cabinet sub-committee advised government officials that it would take time to resolve it and said that as of now, they should look after the registrations of official layouts.  On the other hand, it has been decided to conduct a workshop on 17th of this month at MCRHRD with all the stakeholders involved in the registration process. The cabinet sub-committee is expected to meet on the same day.

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