Speeding Car Falls Into Ditch Near SRSP Canal In Warangal After Driver Loses Control Of Wheel, 3 Spot Dead

10 Feb, 2021 12:42 IST|Sakshi Post

In a freak accident in Warangal district, a car accidentally plunged into a ditch after which three people went missing. The car is said to have accidentally plunged into the SRSP canal. Three people in the car went missing in the accident. Another was rescued by the locals. The incident took place at Konkapaka in Parvatagiri zone of Warangal rural district.

The driver suddenly lost control and the car plunged into a ditch and was washed away. However, there were some locals there when the car fell into the ditch. The driver lost control and fell into the SRSP Canal. The driver somehow swam and reached the shore. 

Saraswati, a government teacher, and another man who were in the back seat of the car are said to have lost their lives. The car was washed away a short distance in the water as the water flow in the canal was high. Locals say the car passengers may have died of drowned or from injuries. 

The body of the teacher in the back seat were recovered. The body of the man sitting in the front seat was trapped inside the car. Locals said that it would be possible to retrieve the body if the car was taken out. However, the police initially concluded that the accident was caused by speeding and negligence on the part of the driver. Currently, a rescue team is trying to get the car out of the ditch. The bodies have been shifted to the Warangal MGM hospital.  A case is being registered and investigated. Details of the two deceased are not known. The incident took place near Torrur, police said.

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