Singareni To Plant 2 Lakh Seedlings In A Single Day Under Green Initiative

15 Feb, 2021 11:36 IST|Sakshi Post

It is a known fact that Singareni Company plants many seedlings every year as part of their green initiative. This year too, the plans are afoot to plant a large number of seedlings as part of their company's green initiative.

It was in this context that the Singareni management embarked on a program of planting 2 lakh saplings in a single day on February 17. Singareni company officials said that all the arrangements are being made in this regard.

Director (Operations) S Chandrasekhar, Director (Finance) N Balaram, and Project Director D Satyanarayana will be present on the occasion. Company officials called on all Singareni employees and staff to participate in this event. Singareni officials made it clear that Covid-19 regulations would be followed throughout the program. Singareni Company is making all kinds of arrangements for this.

They have specified the number of plants to be planted by region. Ownership officials and staff were asked to take responsibility for planting the plants as well as protecting them. The company has planted 4.59 crore saplings since 2015 as part of its green initiative, the Singareni officials said in a press release.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Chief Minister KCR's birthday on February 17, state ministers, TRS ranks, people, and celebrities from various fields are preparing to plant one crore saplings in the state.

Rajya Sabha member Santosh Kumar said that it was the intention that through the Green India Initiative Challenge to create a record of planting one crore plants in one hour in a single day and make it a birthday present to CM KCR, a nature lover.

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