Siddipet Task Force Police Seize 33 Tonnes Of PDS Rice

4 Jul, 2022 12:36 IST|Sakshi Post

In the early hours of Monday, Siddipet Task Force police seized 33 tonnes of PDS rice while it was being illegally transported from Vallampatla village of Maddur Mandal in the district.

Task Force Inspector Guru Swamy said that they had stopped a Madhya Pradesh registered goods lorry that was carrying the PDS rice from the State from Telangana.

The Inspector said that Parvatham Sampath and Chennur Ravindar of Husnabad town in Siddipet district have bought the rice from PDS rice beneficiaries offering low prices.

The police have also arrested the lorry drivers Arun Khade and Rahul Khade for illegally transporting the PDS rice.
The inspector also urged people not to entertain such incidents in the region and if the public sees any such illegal occurrences taking place in their areas, they should dial 100 and inform the police.

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