See How This 'Modern' Kautilya Cultivated Black Rice Using Vedic Agri Methods

28 Apr, 2021 15:13 IST|Sakshi Post

Kautilya Krishnan, a student pursuing MA in Yajurveda at the National Sanskrit University in Tirupati, has successfully cultivated 40 quintals of black rice using Vedic agricultural methods. He collected the seeds from his previous crop and re-used them for cultivation in his 2 acres of land.  

Kautilya Krishnan, the founder of Krishi Bharatham, has been experimenting with the 'Vedic Agricultural Methods' for quite some time. Kautilya revealed that he used the seedling 'Krishna Vrihi' and coated them with cow milk, agnihotra ash and honey. He further added that he used cow dung cakes on his farm so as to keep insects away.

Kautilya said that he picked seeds based on "Sushruta Samhita". He also stated that he followed the Vedic farming methods based on Vriksha Ayurveda and Krishi Parashara. Kautilya said that Krishna Vrihi was cultivated through 'Vedic Farming Methods' and didn't use any sort of pesticides.

Kautilya thanked VS Muralidhar Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of National Sanskrit University, Yashaswi, the President of Krishi Bharatham Agriculture Department and the entire team of Krishi Bharatham for supporting him. He also thanked Karimnagar District Agriculture Department and Karimnagar Collector Shashanka for supporting "Vedic Agriculture". Kautilya said that a few days ago, Shashanka and his family members had visited his farm as well.

Krishna Vrihi is having a high demand in both national and international markets. In Amazon, one kg of rice costs nearly Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000. Kautilya said that he wanted to create awareness among the farmers on how to get better yield without the use of chemicals and his main aim was to make farmers economically stable using these age-old sustainable Vedic practices.

Benefits Of Black Rice:
Black Rice is one of the most exotic foods and has numerous medicinal and nutritional values. It contains vitamin B, Niacin, Phosphorus, Zinc, Amino Acids, etc. Rich in anthocyanin which not only acts as antioxidants but also activates detoxifying enzymes. Black rice helps prevent cancer cell proliferation and have anti-inflammatory effects. A new study revealed that black rice helps fight against heart diseases, breast cancer, fatty liver, obesity, etc.

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